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New line of gear worms and gearmotors from JIE Drive

The Canimex mechanical and electrical division is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the JIE Drive power transmission including gear units and gearmotors, worm gears, transfer case, and more. Visit our JIE web page to learn more.





Canimex launches a new, versatile, high-speed PTO for applications requiring high-operation speeds, such as the agriculture, lawn and turf industries. Dynamically balanced, the CNX PTO generates fewer vibrations than the competition and has a longer lifespan.


Ideal for various applications:

  • Commercial snow blowers
  • Commercial lawnmowers
  • Street brooms


The CNX high-speed PTO combines reliable service and durable construction.


To find out more about the high-speed drive shafts P.T.O., click here.




Canimex recently announced a new exclusive partnership with ABBA LinearTech to offer the innovative ABBA linear motion technology. With the ABBA product line, Canimex becomes a supplier of choice for premium linear guideways. The ABBA Linear Tech range includes different models of linear guidway and ball screw.


They are mainly used in sectors such as:

  • Industrial
  • Construction, mining and forestry




To learn more about the ABBA Linear Tech product line, click here.




Canimex launches a collection of high-precision, ultra-resistant roller chains. These superior-quality chains are designed to withstand the shocks and vibrations generated by machinery used in agriculture, construction, mining and forestry and the industrial sector.


Ideal for various applications:

  • tractors, spreaders, etc.
  • excavators, loaders, lift trucks, cranes, etc.
  • packing machines, lift trucks, etc.




The CNX chains are available in standard format or heavy duty for more demanding applications.


To learn more about the new CNX roller chains, click here.




Canimex becomes the supplier of choice for Benevelli electric axles. More compact, lighter and more efficient than competitor products, Benevelli electric transaxles are ideal for use in the following areas: agricultural, snow and ice, industrial and construction, mining and forestry.


A line of axles that offers you more:

  • Extensive modularity
  • 95% transaxle efficiency and 94% maximum motor efficiency
  • 70% lighter than the competition
  • Electric powertrain
  • Ground gears for minimum noise
  • Ratio up to 56:1
  • Static load up to 1600 kg (3500 lbs)


Two series available to meet your requirements. Series TX1 and TX2 offer the most complete, scalable drivetrain system for electric vehicles.


For more details on the two series (TX1 and TX2 models), click here.




The new CNX vibrator motor from Canimex is built with high-quality materials and is totally sealed from outside elements including salt, sand, water, snow and dirt so that it can withstand extreme conditions.

OEM replacement 200 lbs or 80 lbs DC vibrator

  • 200 lbs or 80 lbs vibration force
  • Heavy duty vibrator motor for 200 lbs or 80 lbs spreaders with a nominal 12 volt DC power source
  • Pressures decay tested


To learn more about the new DC vibrator motor, click here.




Canimex today launches a new CNX product: a 2" ratchet tie-down with double J-hooks, designed to secure cargo in an optimally safe and efficient manner. A useful tool for every industry, the CNX 2" ratchet tie-down offers more resistance and reliability than the competition. It is the ideal product when working with large and heavy loads.


Reliability is key

  • Working load limit 3,300 lbs
  • Breaking cap 10,000 lbs
  • Ratchet provides complete and secure tightening
  • Automatic release is fast and easy
  • Low-cost professional-quality tool



To learn more about the new ratchet strap,  click here.