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Agricultural driveshaft

This type of driveshaft is specially designed for agricultural applications. It is more commonly used for transmission of motion to manure pumps, grain screws, rock rakes, wood chippers, harvesters, hay balers, etc. This PTO also has the advantage of offering a wide selection of yokes and safety devices to meet your power transmission needs better.


A line that offers you more :

  • Retractable cones for easier attachment/suppression of the transmission at the power take-off
  • Cones interchangeable on both sides
  • Quick and easy engagement/disengagement of the cone for excellent access to the transmission lube points
  • Complete line of powertrains from 20 to 200 HP both at 540 and 1000 rpm
  • Long lubrication interval of up to 250 hours offered with our new VP line



High-speed P.T.O.

High-speed PTO shafts are used in snowblowers, street brooms and lawn mowers. Dynamically balanced, our product generates less vibration than the competition and has a longer life. Wide selection of yokes and clutches.


Driveshaft 2000Rpm

Transmitting mechanical power at higher speeds than standard PTOs, our CNX product can reach up to 49 HP making it an ideal component for small tractors : 

  • Massey Ferguson – Models 1635 and 1650
  • John Deere – Models 300 and 318
  • Snapper - Models 1650, 1855 and 1600
  • Wheel Horse Grade Tractor - Models 1650, 1855 and 1600
  • Etc.



  • Maximum operating speed of 2500 RPM (rotations per minute) for maximum safety
  • 1000 hours of useful life
  • Constant velocity seal with 50° rotation angle
  • HSR10, HSR20 and HSS20 series


For more details about driveshafts download the following documents:


           High speed P.T.O.              Lubrification                      User guide 

                                                         instructions                  high speed P.T.O