A Tradition of Excellence Since 1969

Canimex in the Community

Canimex makes a point of giving back to the community through various activities.


A social commitment dictated by our deeply held values

Canimex is recognized as an important contributor in the Quebec and Canadian community as a whole, and to certain communities in the United States and Europe.

Our social responsibility and the values that we hold dear led us to promote the arts, education, sports and health throughout the years.


Artistic excellence

To highlight artistic excellence and encourage its development, we financially support many artists who perform on stage in Quebec, throughout Canada and internationally. We also extend our support to many competitions, musical camps and cultural events. Our support also extends to the majority of symphony orchestras in Quebec, the Canadian Music Competition, and several other musical competitions. 

Over the years, Canimex has also gathered an impressive collection of musical instruments, making it the most extensive one in Canada and one of the largest in America. These instruments are made available to very talented musicians performing locally, nationally and internationally. Four of the musicians occuying first seats in the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, the Quatuor Claudel-Canimex and soloist Kerson Leong are among the leading artists receiving this support.



Education is also close to our heart. Our company offers major scholarships and donations to universities and educational institutions of all levels. In addition, we are positioning ourselves as a partner to several study programs by welcoming interns and supporting interuniversity competitions.


Sport and Health

As sport figures prominently in our company's values, Canimex encourages fitness as well as the next generation of athletes through different activities and organizations. Les Voltigeurs de Drummondville, of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (LHJMQ), were born of a project initiated and led in the early years by the president of Canimex, Roger Dubois. He was then joined in this initiative by a group of other businessmen.

Also, caring for the health of its employees, Canimex positioned itself as a pioneer creating back in the 80s a complete training room exclusively for its employees that has been renovated many times since then.

Finally, the Group financially supports the health profession, especially the renovation of hospital equipment while organizing and participating in multiple fundraising activities. It’s just another way for our organization to contribute to the development and well-being of our community.