Canimex Covana<strong>Hot Tubs<br/>Solutions</strong>

Covana products are available to consumers through the intermediary of specialty retailers and offer solutions to cover hot tubs and swim spas.


Covana products: a marriage of elegance and innovation

Since 2009, Canimex manufactures automated solutions to cover hot tubs and swim spas that elevate and close with the simple turn of a key. The user does not need to remove the cover manually, which greatly facilitates its use in any season.

Furthermore, Covana protects from the weather and ultraviolet rays while providing intimacy and well-being thanks to optional retractable shades. Safe and secure, Covana products stop children and intruders from entering. Their hermetic closure system and high insulation value — higher than traditional covers — ensure optimal heat retention while saving money on water, energy and maintenance products.

The Canimex development team is devoted to an evolving technical design and developing new Covana products. Canimex also ensures product distribution all over the world through a vast network of specialized retailers.


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