A Tradition of Excellence Since 1969

Major Product Lines

We offer innovative solutions with superior quality components:

  • Monoblock, sectional and load-sensing control valves
  • Pre-compensated and post-compensated control valves
  • Gear and piston pumps and motors, cast iron and aluminum
  • Orbital motors and steering units
  • Solenoid directional control valves with subplates and manifolds
  • AC/DC power units
  • Diverters and gear flow dividers
  • In-line valves and SAE cavity cartridge valves
  • Electric, electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic joysticks
  • Electronic control units
  • Electric junction boxes
  • Rotators
  • Speed increasers and reducers
  • Heat exchangers and hydropneumatic accumulators
  • Wired and wireless remote controls
  • Pump drives
  • Customized hydraulic block valves
  • Filtration components and tank accessories
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