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Abba linear tech

Established in 1999, ABBA Linear Tech was the first professional linear guideway manufacturer in Taiwan to put four-row linear guideways and world-class rolled and ground ball screws into production. ABBA LinearTech focuses entirely on the development and design of innovative products. As it possesses critical industrial technology, ABBA’s market share has increased year-on-year, now positioned at the forefront of its market.




Benevelli specialises in the design and production of modular electric powertrains. The company works intensively on the manufacture of custom and series electric transaxles, drive wheels and motors, bringing engineering expertise to every project using advanced 3D and virtual reality technology. Benevelli handles 100% of its internal machining operations in highly sophisticated robotic plants. It also has manufacturing processes that guarantee strict quality compliance. As the leader in the field of electrification, hybridization and lightweight concepts, Benevelli is at the core of development and expertise to promote the reduction of CO2 emission.



comer industries

Comer Industries is a global player in the design and production of advanced engineering systems and mechatronic solutions for power transmission. The company manufactures gearboxes, driveshafts, powertrains and planetary drives, as well as drive wheels. All these products are specifically designed for use in the agricultural, construction, forestry, energy and industrial sectors.



stm team

The aim of STM Team is to design and produce innovative and reliable solutions for control and power transmission in the industrial sector, at the same time promoting sustainable development worldwide. STM designs and manufactures an extensive range of highly efficient products, including a raft of gear reducers, both standard and custom. This product range is specially designed for use on the industrial market. STM is a company receptive to the needs of its customers and is readily available to work in collaboration with them.




Established in 1988, JIE is aiming to build a century-old enterprise with its great manufacturing craftsmanship. JIE serves the global market with intelligent drive solutions for gear units, motors, inverters, sensors and the Internet of Things. With the core strategy of “Specialization, Intelligence and Globalization,” JIE is dedicated to the innovation and application of industry 4.0 technologies, including intelligent plants, intelligent products, and intelligent services. JIE is committed to providing great products for great partners across the world.




For over 50 years the Walterscheid GmbH has been developing drive train systems for agricultural, construction and special machines. A variety of products like spur and bevel gearboxes as well as the continuously variable hydrostatic drive are developed and manufactured according to each customer’s specific needs. Gearbox and drivetrain technology is not only used in agricultural and construction machinery of established manufacturers, but also in industrial applications like heavy duty shredding systems.





With nearly 35 years in commercial power, and over 110 in power application, Vanguard has stayed at the forefront of delivering power solutions for multiple applications. From single-cylinder engines to cutting-edge battery packs, Vanguard power products are designed and built to exceed performance expectations. More than just an engine and battery brand, Vanguard creates a powerful experience by working side-by-side with their customers to develop, innovate and solve problems with and on behalf of their partners.