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Linear guideways

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Canimex now offers the high quality ABBA Linear Guideway product line.


Cutting edge self-lubricant linear guideways

ABBA is the first professional linear guideway manufacturer in Taiwan; putting patent self-lubricant and four-row linear guideway into mass production. ABBA offers a variety of linear motion solutions. 


Unparalleled performance

  • No need for frequent lubrication
  • Extended intervals between maintenance
  • Savings on lubrication cost
  • No oil leakage concern and easy to clean
  • Low noise
  • Standard international dimensions
  • Interchangeability




Smooth running ball screws

ABBA is a total solution provider in motion control as it offers both world class rolled and grounded ball screws for all your needs.  


Efficiency, reliability, quality

  • External ball circulation nuts offers smoother ball running, better quality for long lead or large diameter balls crews.
  • Internal ball circulation nuts are suitable for machines with limited space.
  • High lead ball screws can operate at high speed and maintains high rigidity. Best of all, it can do all this quietly.



The ABBA product line also includes: linear guides, linear guide systems, linear motion guides, linear motion systems, linear actuators, rail linear guides, linear block, linear positioners, guide axes.


Download Linear Motion 3D CAD:


More details on ABBA Linear Guideway on the following documents:


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