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Roller Chains

These superior-quality chains are designed to withstand the shocks and vibrations generated by machinery used in agriculture, construction and the industrial sector.


The CNX chains give you more:

  • 20 % more resistant to wear than the competition
  • 30 % more fatigue-resistant (superior-quality steel)
  • Quieter than the competition
  • Interchangeable
  • Superior quality at an affordable price
  • Good corrosion resistance



Ideal for various applications:

  • Agriculture: tractors, spreaders, etc.
  • Industrial: packing machines, lift trucks, etc.

The CNX chains are available in standard format or heavy duty for more demanding applications. 


Many other type of roller chains are also available :

  • Single/double pitch roller chain
  • Double pitch conveyor chain
  • O-ring roller chain
  • Double/triple roller chain
  • etc.


The CNX line offers a variety of sizes, ranging from #25 to #120, and meet all ISO 606/ASME/ANSI B29.1 standards.



Pintle Chains

The pintle chains are a high quality product suitable for a wide range of applications such as salt, sand and fertilizer spreaders; conveyors; live bottom trailer; power systems and spray boxes.


High quality chains:

  • More resistant to wear
  • Better traction than the competition
  • Good resistance in abrasive environments
  • Designed to avoid corrosion problems
  • Better resistance to fatigue and longer life
  • Interchangeable


In addition to the pintle chain, Canimex also offers a wide range of fasteners:

  • Pintle chain with flat bar
  • Pintle chain with attachment


More details on the chains on the following document:


  Chain coupling                Pintle chain                  Roller chain



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