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JIE products follow the philosophy of modularization and optimization, adopt finite elements and analysis methods and unique lower noise technology in designing gear, to insure advanced design. Gear profiles are designed for lower noise level. The JIE JRT series has millions of combinations to meet various needs of customers. The process from the material selection to manufacturing is strictly controlled, gear is endurable by carburizing. JIE also provides other product options such as combined geared motor, shrink disk, spline hollow shaft, B14 flange, etc.


JRT Gear Units & Gearmotors

JRTR Series Helical                      Gearmotors

JRTK Series Helical-Bevel Gearmotors

JRTF Series Parallel Shaft-Helical Gearmotor



JRST Worm Gear unit


JRST Series


JRSTD-U Series


JRST-W Series






JRSTD Series




WP Worm Gear unit

Characteristics :
  • Adopt European technology, compact structure
  • Small volume, lightweight
  • Low noise, high efficiency, high-bearing capacity
  • Multiple connection structure and installation modes and strong commonality


WPA Series Worm Gears

WPW Series Worm Gears


WPO Series Worm Gears



JRG Transfer case 


JRGC1501 Transfer Case 

With high torque performance, this transfer case is designed for industrial pumps.



JRES Gearmotors stainless

The stainless steel gearmotors from JIE keep things moving wherever machines and systems are subject to particularly intensive cleaning. Regardless of whether the gearmotors are used for materials handling, intralogistics or hygienic applications, their hygienic properties, long operating life and maintenance friendliness make them optimally suited to the specific production conditions in the food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, and in permanently wet environments. 

  JRESR Stainless Steel Reducer            

  JRESS Series Stainless Steel worm gears 

JRESK Stainless Steel Gearmotors