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Electric transaxles

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More compact, lighter and more efficient than competitor products, Benevelli electric transaxles are ideal for use in municipalities, industry and agriculture.


A line of axles that offers you more:

  • Extensive modularity
  • 95% transaxle efficiency and 94% maximum motor efficiency
  • 70% lighter than the competition
  • Electric powertrain
  • Ground gears for minimum noise
  • Ratio up to 56:1
  • Static load up to 1600 kg (3500 lbs)


Two series are available to meet your requirements. Series TX1 and TX2 offer the most complete, scalable drivetrain system for electric vehicles. 

  • Various standard mounting possibilities tilting on a Z axis from 0 to 180°
  • Come with various types of wheel hub or with mechanical-hydraulic drum brakes
  • All models are also available with mechanical locking differential
  • The modular design allows for configuration in more than 1000 track widths
  • Welding operations performed by robotic systems certified ISO 15614:2012


TX1 model



  • Available with permanent DC magnets and AMAC/SMAC AC motors
  • Metallic parts subjected to chromiting® zinc coating to withstand corrosive agents
  • Designed for complete protection up to IP66 in line with the IEC 60529 standard



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TX2 model



  • Negative electromagnetic brake positioned to minimize overall dimensions
  • Available with AMAC/SMAC AC motors with a rated power of up to 20kw
  • Designed for complete protection up to IP66 in line with the IEC 60529 standard


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Find out about the CNX series which offers a range of complementary products to Benevelli axles. Contact your representative for more information.



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