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Mechanical axles

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The axle product range is divided into rigid and directional axles with or without sun gear. They are mainly used on construction and earthmoving equipment. These are also used on forklifts, ground support equipment (GSE), municipal equipment, cranes, lifting equipment and agricultural machinery.


A line of axles that offers you more:

  • High quality performance and increased reliability
  • Specialized off-road axles
  • All axle models are available with rigid and directional options
  • Equipped with service and parking brakes
  • Planetary wheel hub




Two sets of axles are available to meet your requirements.

Our series:

  • Rigid and directional axles (off-road)
  • Axles with rigid or oscillating mounting


Available options:

  • Limited slip or total lock differential
  • Hydraulic release spring parking brake
  • Optional central or top pivot mounting
  • Pre-reduction
  • Two-speed hydraulic transmission
  • Flange for hydraulic motor
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