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At the request of the provincial government, Canimex Group has closed all of its offices and facilities as of March 24, at the end of the usual shifts. However, certain activities are maintained, although at a minimal level, since we supply companies that offer essential services or products as defined by the government. As a result, there will be reception and shipping operations at our shipping/receiving docks.

These essential services involving Canimex Group include, among other things, the production of food items (examples: agricultural businesses, food processing, beverage, slaughterhouses, vegetable production), the manufacture of medical instruments (ambulances), the manufacture of chemical and sanitary products, and the maintenance of essential service buildings (including the garage doors of municipal fire and police buildings, food warehouses, pharmaceutical distribution centres, etc.). The essential services will be able to continue to count on our Parts Counter for supplies, taking care to comply with the recommended hygiene guidelines. For our Torque Force division, which services the supply chain for garage doors and opening mechanisms for essential service buildings, our clients are international and they too are required by their governments to support essential services. 

Rest assured that we are following the guidelines of our provincial government in this complex situation. Only a few employees will be assigned to manufacturing, preparing and shipping these essential orders, as well as supporting the essential administrative aspects for these operations, all while respecting the recommended hygiene and social distancing measures. Telework will be done everywhere possible.

This is an unprecedented emergency for which some of our services are required. We are proud to contribute to this effort to maintain essential goods and services, with due care, which is also essential.

The health of our employees and the community is at the heart of our priorities.