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Canimex launches new high-performance CNX chains

Canimex launches new high-performance CNX chains

Canimex, leader of power transmission, today launches a collection of high-precision, ultra-resistant roller chains. These superior-quality chains are designed to withstand the shocks and vibrations generated by machinery used in agriculture, construction and the industrial sector.


The CNX chains give you more

  • 20 % more resistant to wear than the competition
  • 30 % more fatigue-resistant (superior-quality steel)
  • Quieter than the competition
  • Interchangeable
  • Superior quality at an affordable price
  • Good corrosion resistance


Ideal for various applications

  • Agriculture : tractors, spreaders, etc.
  • Construction : excavators, loaders, lift trucks, cranes, etc.
  • Industrial : packing machines, lift trucks, etc.





The CNX chains are available in standard format or heavy duty for more demanding applications. Many other type of chains are also available.

The CNX line offers a variety of sizes, ranging from #25 to #120, and meet all ISO 606/ASME/ANSI B29.1 standards.

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