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Use policy

The Canimex Group takes strict precautions to respect the users of the Canimex Gallery. To ensure that your rights as a user are fully respected, the administrators of the Canimex Gallery are careful to remove or modify any reprehensible data as quickly as possible. In using this site, therefore, it is your responsibility not to post any photo or comment that is insulting, obscene, vulgar, defamatory, threatening or sexual in nature, or any other content which may break the law. By using the Canimex Gallery, you acknowledge that its administrators may remove or modify material that you publish, in compliance with this use policy or upon an individual’s request.

By its nature, the Canimex Gallery is intended as a collection of photos relating to the various activities of the Canimex Group. Note that if an employee wishes for any reason to have material depicting him or his family removed, the site allows him to file a request for removal of a photo via the "paper airplane" tab.

As a user of the Canimex Gallery, you agree that all of your registration information and any photographs you publish may be stored in a database. Your personal information will not be conveyed to third parties and we ask you not to share your username or password with anyone.

You are not authorized to use the photographs in this database without written permission, for any purpose other than personal projects.

The administrators may not, under any circumstances, be held liable for hacking attempts which might compromise or allow access to data. The Canimex Group maintains this site as a service and may consequently remove or modify certain content for any reason, without prior notice.

By clicking on the "I accept" button, you agree to abide by these conditions and any future updates to them.

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P.S. Here are the steps of registration:
       1) Accept Use Policy.
       2) In your first use, click "Register" at the top of the page.
       3) Enter your information in the web form.  (The email asked for identification purposes
           is not necessarily one who has given you by Canimex.)

       4) Click "Register".
       5) You will receive an email within 72 hours, to confirm the activation for your account.